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For Customers:  Welcome to Noteworthy Things!  You can locate items by using the versatile "search" or "advanced search"  at the top and/or the "site map" used by clicking the  link located at the bottom of the main page.  Then click on the site area of interest.
You will find an assortment of noteworthy Irish books and other things.  Buy on-line through paypal, get discount coupons, gift certificates, receive newsletters, and get group discounts to make shopping more exciting and rewarding.  Please enter you contact details to receive these benefits.
Please DO NOT FORGET to logon when you enter the  site in order to save the selection(s) for purchase or just to examine later -  otherwise the cart will not have your selection to either view or purchase.  Logon before selecting an item.


For Businesses:  NoteworthyThings is an Irish start-up specializing in Noteworthy Items.   Your company's advertisements and items sold using eCommerce.  NoteWorthyThings will perform administrative functions and perform all or part of the advertisements to be displayed.  Also, accounting with automatic stock checks, marketing and sales are provided in support. This includes helping to set your products up online, to administer sales and many other things.  Business advertisements on the site are also available.  The general service is currently provided by one of two plans.  One includes commission only and the other includes monthly fees with a reduced commission.   The advertisement is on a case by case basis.

More Information:  If you're interested in learning more, feel free to contact us through the "Contact Us" page, where you can find phone numbers and e-mail addresses.


4 Elmwood, Dublin Road, Thurles Co. Tipperary Ireland