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Discount Coupon

Discount Coupons are valid only on shopping orders placed on the NoteWorthyThings  site.  Coupon use indicates your agreement to be bound to the terms as specified on the Coupon.  NoteWorthyThings will only honor a Discount Coupon if it is used in accordance with the Discount Coupon Terms.

Discount Coupons that have not been issued by NoteWorthyThings cannot be used on the NoteWorthyThings Site.  Discount Coupons that have been issued by NoteWorthyThings are the property of NoteWorthyThings and are not transferable, cannot be resold, and have no cash alternative unless otherwise stated.

Discount Coupons can be added to your NoteWorthyThings  account by entering the code at checkout or as offered elsewhere on the NoteWorthyThings site or special qualified offerings.  To apply a Discount Coupon to your order you must select it in the promotions section at checkout.  Use of a Discount Coupon may be subject to you providing proof of entitlement to use the Discount Coupon.

All Discount Coupons have an expiration date.  After the expiration date, the Discount Coupon will be removed from your NoteWorthyThings account.

Discount Coupon value(s) may be adjusted if the total discount value is greater than the value of your order.

NoteWorthyThings reserves the right to withdraw or cancel any of its Discount Coupons at any time, either as a whole, or for specific products or categories.  If this happens, then the Discount Coupons may not be used for any orders placed after the date of withdrawal or cancellation. 

NoteWorthyThings reserves the right to reject or cancel the use of a Discount Coupon where fraud or illegal misuse is suspected.  You will have no claim against NoteWorthyThings in respect of such rejection or cancellation of  Discount Coupon(s).  NoteWorthyThings shall not be liable to any customer or household for any financial loss arising out of the cancellation or withdrawal of any Discount Coupon or any failure or inability of a customer to use Discount Coupon(s) for any reason.

No Discount Coupon may be copied, reproduced, published, or distributed directly or indirectly in any form for use by anyone other than the original recipient.

By using an Discount Coupon, you warrant that you are the duly authorized recipient of it.

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